AnimeRon Terms of Use:

A) Users can watch unlimited videos but must load or buffer only one video player at a time. The only time the users to play the next video is when they finished buffering the previous video.

Loading / buffering / playing multiple video players at the same time will lead the users IP, banned. Repeat violation may lead to a country ban.

Banned countries and banned users are allowed to enter the website but would not be able to to play videos, notifying the users a “200 stream not found” or the player will not appear.

Lists of banned countries:
The ban will be lifted without notice. While waiting, banned countries may able to download here.

B) If the website server experience a high traffic from the users, the website will shutdown and will notify users a site maintenance page and will re-open within hour or more.

Note: VIP members are invulnerable to all of these rules. Banned user and countries may not able to join our VIP website.

AnimeRon Frequently Asked Questions:

I) Q: Where is the video player? I can’t see it.
    A: Refresh your browser and must use firefox or google chrome. Make sure you are not in the ban country.

I) Q: How to download?
    A: Click the “Click here” next to the third party sharing file host name.

II) Q: Linkbucks appeared after I click download?
     A: Click the “skip Ads” – preview

I) Q: I don’t want to see advertisements popping in my computer screen , what to do?
    A: You may donate for a VIP membership to remove all ads. For more info about becoming a VIP Click here for and AnimeRonTV VIP and here for HentaiRon VIP

I) Q: What is Anime Ecchi ?
    A: Anime Ecchi is not a Hentai, It is an Anime that shows Panties, Bras, Cameltoe and Nipples but it does not show vagina.

II) Q: Is there any Anime Ecchi that shows vagina and having sex?
     A: No. Its not an Anime Ecchi its HENTAI! Go to HentaiRon to watch hentai.

III) Q: What is the difference between Anime Ecchi Uncensored and Anime Ecchi Censored ?
      A: Censored – Preview | Uncensored – Preview

IV) Q: Whats is AT-X Uncensored, BD (Bluray) Uncensored and DVD Uncensored ?
       A: AT-X is a well known TV Broadcasting channel in Japan that broadcast Uncensored Anime Ecchi shows. BD and DVD Uncensored is an uncensored version of Anime Ecchi that was broadcasted censored in TV series.

V) Q: What is the meaning of the color tags Red, Green, Blue and Citrus?
     A: The site use color tags to separates and differentiate the kinds of Anime Ecchi Uncensored. Click here to view the descriptions of the color tags.