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Shin Koihime Musou S2 OVA Uncensored

25.67K Views0 Comments

Synopsis The story takes place at St. Francesca Academy. After the battle between the students ended, they all go to a southern island.

Cobra The Animation Uncensored

10.51K Views0 Comments

SynopsisThis Cobra adaptation features short arcs of Cobra saving the world, his friends or himself.

Shukufuku no Campanella Specials Uncensored

7.92K Views0 Comments

SynopsisShort extra anime "Isshoni Bath Time". The main characters taking a bath will be displayed three dimensionally on 3D TV. Normal 2D versions are also available.

Shukufuku no Campanella Uncensored

34.23K Views0 Comments

SynopsisThe story takes place in a trading city Ert'Aria. Leicester Maycraft is an item engineer belonging to an adventurer guild "Oasis". One night, he is at a party with his friends to see a meteor stream on the roo...

Mayoi Neko Overrun! Specials Uncensored

3.38K Views0 Comments

SynopsisMayoi Neko Overrun! Extra.

Mayoi Neko Overrun! Uncensored

16.29K Views0 Comments

SynopsisA heart warming love comedy. Tsuzuki Takumi is a high school boy, who is running a confectionery "Stray Cats" with his sister-in-law Otome. Otome is an extremely good-natured person and is always running aroun...

B Gata H Kei Uncensored

23.05K Views0 Comments

SynopsisYamada, first name withheld, is a 15-year-old girl who has just entered Takizawa High School. Easily considered exceptionally beautiful, she has only one problem with her own body, she thinks her vagina looks ...

Shin Koihime Musou: Otome Tairan Uncensored

27.79K Views0 Comments

SynopsisThe third season of Koihime Musou. Han's high court general Kashin (何進) was forced to swallow a cursed pill from Chou Jou. The effect is slowly turning her into a cat, which she dislikes. Chou Jou also ma...

Koihime Musou Uncensored

50.90K Views0 Comments

SynopsisThis anime is based on an eroge game by Baseson, which was loosely based on the classic Chinese novel Romance of the Three Kingdoms.Having lost her family to bandits during night raid, Kanu swears, she will no...

Dance in the Vampire Bund Uncensored

14.04K Views0 Comments

SynopsisAfter millennia in hiding, Mina Tepes, the Princess of the ancient covenant and ruler of all vampires, wants change. Using the vast wealth of the Tepes line, she has paid off the entire gross national debt of...

Seikon no Qwaser Ex Music Video Uncensored

16.24K Views0 Comments

SynopsisA bluray music uncensored video released of Seikon no Qwaser.

Omamori Himari Uncensored

13.70K Views0 Comments

SynopsisYuuto is your average, high school boy just turned 16. His childhood friend, Rin has taken care of him ever since his parents died when he was younger. All of a sudden, a girl named Himari walks into his life....

Ladies versus Butlers! Tokuten Disc Music Clip Uncensored

14.72K Views0 Comments

SynopsisSpecial music clip released on DVD.

Strike Witches 2 Uncensored

6.46K Views0 Comments

SynopsisAfter discovering that Neuroi are capable of communication with humans and making peace with the nest above Gallia the Witches squads are now on a mission to re-establish communication when a sudden attack van...

Motto To Love-Ru Uncensored

38.21K Views0 Comments

SynopsisA year after Lala came to Earth, she is all the more determined to make Rito fall for her, putting all her effort into it, even though she knows that Rito actually loves Haruna. Poor Rito will have to face tou...

Chuu Bra!! Uncensored

9.87K Views0 Comments

SynopsisThe story centers on Nayu, a middle school girl who shocks her schoolmates on the first day of school by wearing black lace panties. She likes this kind of underwear, and she tries to "spread the word on the m...

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