Skip 1:30 and enjoy the ecchi.


  • ecchi to the max

    is it some form of AMV?

  • well den GG

  • James Fleming

    that was really messed up

    • shadowrizer69

      yeah that’s some mess up shit

  • unknown z

    i dont know what i just watched but im loving it… the music and everything in it is addictive for some reason i want more well going to watch it again

  • Marc Sinycul Baldwin

    id like to see more stuff like this

  • unknown z

    yes im back again just one more thing. The creator must be high as fuck… where can i find this drug hes on if you know what im talking about. “wink wink” ;P

  • dsgsfgdfg

    I am very scared, and turned on at the same time.

  • q

    This is supposed to have a deeper meaning… but it looks really messed up

  • Ron

    Ok, this was fucking weird and to an extent creepy =_=. Music was good though.

  • BourbonKlD

    I want to get eaten like that too woah this was so weird and amazing at the same time

  • jm020195

    Iluminati triangle, 4 ees demon angel, lust of dead, sign of war and chaos, brainwash mind

  • Tarl Hansen

    Seems to me it’s about his battling a porn addiction and he tries to
    fight it so he can have a real relationship with this woman, but in the
    end he’s eaten alive / consumed by the vibrant power of it all, the
    imagery of T&A available at a click of a mouse. So he remains
    isolated in his room, not really living other than through that screen
    he looks at from across the room.

  • Ahmed Shaheer

    That’s what happen when you watch so many ecchi anime

  • chaniqa

    its not an anime though i wish it was.

  • legit420waisted

    it seems that those new hipster drugs are pretty intense, must try them my self… catch yah later guys

  • Leonardo Pedreros

    Who made this? Is this for a show? is this just a music video? All ecchi aside, this is amazingly animated.

  • ryuusei21

    artist: ME!ME!ME! feat. daoko

  • SJ Newton

    this… was the best animation i’ve seen in a while….. i was blown away

  • Jonathan Martinez

    Has that trigger drawing

  • Raiden


  • Raiden