Kenichi, a down on his luck salaryman runs into a beautiful (and naked) woman on his walk home from work and invites her to his home. To Kenichi’s great surprise, not only does the woman accept, but she just so happens to be an escaped espionage android named Pinky. With one fateful kiss Pinky’s priorities change to pleasing Kenichi in any way possible.

Episode # Subbed Uncensored Type
Episode 1 Yes Purple DVD
  • Eric You

    well i have a new story that features a kind of sequel to this episode of super sexy android it has been 9 months after ken chi the unlucky salary man meets pinkie the former spy android now is ken chi’s sexual partner. ken chi is now a successful finance department manager and pinkie is his assistant. pinkie also now wears red shoes and yellow piercings that act as her substitute for underwear. she also has 3 blue starfish shaped pasties as a swimsuit.